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EMBODY Remedial Massage

"wellness in body and spirit"

Pain and discomfort manifests in our musculo-skeletal system.
Tension, injury, posture and emotional stress compound this.
Embody Massage can help.


About Remedial Massage

Remedial massage therapists help the body’s own healing process when muscles and tendons become tight, impaired or damaged. Manual treatment techniques are used in remedial massage to improve functionality, range of movement and decrease pain. Active and/or passive stretching techniques may be used in combination with massage techniques to restore movement and improve flexibility. Many positive physiological changes take place during and after remedial massage, providing the patient with effective treatment for their musculo-skeletal issues (see below for the Physiological Benefits of Remedial Massage).

But more than that, massage is a very powerful tool because it treats the whole person. Massage provides a fantastic de-stress experience which helps to treat and prevent soft tissue dysfunction and postural imbalances that occur in our day to day lives.

Physiological Benefits of Remedial Massage:

  • massage stimulates the circulation of blood, increasing both the supply and removal of lymph, oxygen and nutrient substances on a cellular level, 
  • as massage strokes push blood through capillaries and arterioles, it has a stretching effect on the vessel walls, which can help increase their size, capacity and function, 
  • muscle contraction provides the movement of lymphatic fluid through the vessels and massage greatly stimulates the flow, allowing the filtering any toxins, 
  • massage prevents excessive scar tissue formation by stopping cells binding together, 
  • friction techniques can break down the adhesions by breaking down the adhesive bonds 
  • stimulates the nerve receptors in the tissues, which control tissue tension 
  • massage calms the peripheral nervous system to ease pain and discomfort; 
  • longitudinal strokes can breakdown and re-align scar tissue facilitating improvement in tissue function 
  • the successful treatment of trigger points, eliminating direct and referring pain patterns common in headaches, SMJ, sciatica, shoulder pain. 

(Cash, M. 1996, Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy, Random House, London).


As an aerobics instructor, my muscles are always pushed to their limits. To help me recover, and to ensure I can teach aerobics at the highest level, remedial massages are a must. Ever since I have started seeing Emma at Embody Massage, I sleep better, perform better, and feel more relaxed all... more

I have known Emma on a professional basis for just over six years. Initially I went to Emma to help with lower back pain. I was seeing an osteopath weekly with no lasting result so I decided to try a regular massage. Emma was recommended through the osteopath and the results have been long... more

I was first treated by Emma six years ago when I was having a few problems with my back. Being a remedial massage therapist for over 25 years, I was looking for someone with great skills and thorough knowledge that listened to my issues and addressed them effectively. I found that in Emma. I... more

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